How to attract relevant website traffic in 2021

Dec 21, 2020

This post is all about how to attract relevant website traffic for 2021.  This strategy will increase revenue and with our current climate, we all need to focus on this strongly.  In the past, we have discussed “conversion rates.”
This metric indicates the targeted traffic. This is the proportion of visitors to your site who go on to buy your product or service.  Top conversion rates determine your placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages.)   One of the most often asked questions to our team is “how do we get to the top of Google.”  Our answer is always the same.  Strive hard to build your brand and to become an authority website online.

Where to start:

Start by building your brand and optimizing your site to attract relevant website traffic in 2021,  Before you know it your site will become more valuable and will be listed among the authority sites online  A trustworthy medium, the authority website always receives the highest conversion rates.   The authority site features the following attributes:

  • Is optimized regularly with top SEO techniques
  • Generates traffic from many online sources
  • Listed highest on the SERPs
  • Easy on the eyes and functional
  • Provides the latest news and views
  • Is updated on a continual basis
  • Features latest design and layout
  • Offers benefits to users (specials and savings)

Optimizing for search engines:

Optimizing for top search engines is always a top priority and will attract relevant website visitors.  Optimization techniques improve the quantity and quality of the traffic you’ll receive.  With better Imtraffic patterns, your chance to reach a higher level in the SERPs is better.  First, search engines scan websites to determine if the site is optimized for natural or organic results.  This is the behavior folks use for actual search queries. that come from adding relevant content consistently.
Visitors may be looking for specific content, images, videos, current news, or maybe even an industry-specific search request.  It is important to make sure your main keyword phrases (longtail keywords) are mentioned several times within your content.  Take the time to research what keywords are trending and use those for optimization.
Next, the search engine bots will consider traffic patterns that originate from paid traffic such as results from Google marketing campaigns. These are sometimes referred to as “pay per click marketing.” A marketing campaign is based upon whatever keywords or keyword phrases you choose.   Both optimization strategies work to connect you with the latest computer algorithms and build your site to one of authority.

Encouraging visitor interaction:

As we search the web we all want our questions answered.  We all want to develop visitor interaction.  They found you for a reason and are looking for an answer to a question.  Be that answer to their question. Find out as much as you can about your target audience.  How can you help them?  What are they looking for?  Take the time to find out as much as possible about the type of individual who might be browsing your site for the first time.  Doing this will build your brand and ensure the visitor will convert to a buyer.

Professional content writers:

Most of the larger sites are maintained by a professional content writer.  They post articles of interest and encourage visitor interaction. This elevates the user experience well above the humdrum site which offers little or no valuable content.  If you have the budget to hire a professional it can be money well spent.  The cost of a content writer is normally much less than some of the advertising solutions online.
You can search for content writers online and because they are independent contractors, they charge differently.  Work with them to come up with a fee you can afford.  We suggest that you should post about three to four times per month (longer articles are best).  We have a list of professionals we refer to.  Contact us for the list.  If you are not able to afford a monthly blogger we could have other suggestions for you.  So call us to discuss at 407-405-4877.

Staying ahead of the competition online:

It is always a huge task to gain popularity online.  It takes time and devotion to details.  If your company is one that has lots of competition, your task might be more difficult.  Check out your competition and stay current to compete.  If your site is outdated, don’t expect to compete with a competitor site that is full of updated material and easier to use.
Stay in touch with your webmaster and/or your web designer and have them update your site as needed.  Keep your SEO content updated and full of great keyword phrases.  Most design companies offer cost-effective design packages near the holidays.  Take advantage of these savings and stay on top of any new bells and whistles to make your brand stand out in the crowd.
We thank you for stopping by today and hope you all have a wonderful holiday ahead.  Here is our Christmas quote for this year:
“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” – Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Inside Design News Alert!

Today we would like to caution our viewers to beware of Google Reviews’ bad rating scams. During the holidays we see they are numerous. Be sure to check your Google reviews regularly and mark those Google reviews that are fake.   But the beat goes on and we have ourselves have received calls from these bad actors.  They call and ask questions that seem a bit strange, to begin with.
For example, they may ask you “what age are your designers”?  Or “how many male and female designers do you have”?  These unscrupulous scammers receive fees for going online, calling companies, and then posting bad reviews.  Be careful never to give out too much information to callers and make sure they are who they claim to be.
Remember that these bad actors can get sued for placing a bad review on Google.  So keep a copy of their message and try to get their names.  Report any texts or other information directly to your legal team. Also, you might check directly with Google.  They have a method that you can follow to take care of these scammers who post bad reviews on your Google page.
Best for a great new year ahead from the Design Wizards of Inside Design Orlando
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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