How businesses can survive in 2021 during Covid

Jan 23, 2021

How businesses can survive in 2021 during Covid is one of the top search terms today.  In spite of all of the hardships we are facing,  Americans are still the most resourceful people on earth.  We must do more than one thing well and many of us are still working at home and managing our families as well.
Online shopping trends during Covid have created new opportunities to increase business revenue.  Improving client relationships this year must be the priority for business success.  Follow these tips for success:

  • Timely communications (keep in touch)
  • Ask for client opinions for improvement
  • Keep your website updated and modern
  • Add a blog to the website (blog consistently)
  • Provide the latest information (offer benefits)
  • Display exceptional results on your website
  • Complete all residual projects on time

Smart technology improves chances for success:

Smart technology offers new opportunities to gain online visibility.  Remaining socially distant to stay safe from the virus means more and more of us work at home and shop at home.  How businesses survive Covid this year will depend largely on how your website functions and how it appears at “first look.”  Above all, consumers are looking for sites that appear trustworthy.
Outdated sites do not offer the latest bells and whistles and do not appear trustworthy.   Consumers will simply move on to better-constructed websites.

The importance of having a blog on the website:

Covid will be around a while longer.  Online publications have increased exponentially, and there are new mobile gadgets, software, and improved operating systems.  Having a blog on the website is a must these days.  Publishing consistent, relevant content is the key to any successful business website.  Blogging is an amazing way to build credibility, drive traffic to the site and improve SEO (search engine optimization).   As a blogger adds regular content, the visitor to the site is encouraged to share valuable information with their own connections.  Experiences teach us that companies who blog consistently receive 97 percent more links from outside sources.
Blogging can be more cost-effective than other methods of advertising.  The blog article is the perfect place to show off videos to keep your visitors engaged.  Your blog post should be engaging and full of passion for the topic being discussed.
Website owners can blog themselves or hire professional content writers.  For those that plan on taking on this chore themselves, they must remember to become familiar with the most current SEO techniques.  This is because Google algorithms are always changing.  There are online tutorials that will help you understand SEO.  It does take time and effort.
Learning to blog does not happen overnight and you should look at spending twenty to twenty-five hours per month writing original and relevant content worth reading.  If a site owner has no time to learn SEO, and accomplish this, they should seriously consider hiring an outside content writer for the best results.  The right content will improve your credibility and boost your brand to one of authority.

How does social media play a role?

Social media is a great choice for posting your company’s new information.  Additionally, social media does impact today’s web design success.  Sharing blog information on your social media sites A blog can lead consumers back to your website from social media.  Another way to get to the target audience.  We urge you to keep all social media sites, Facebook, Linked In, and others should be updated at all times.  Google bots scan all links so you never want to have them scan a social media site that is not current with new information.
Social media plays a huge role today.  The web is constantly changing in real-time.  For success in 2021, we must all learn how to optimize our websites to gain a top advantage. The right branding and the right marketing strategy is crucial.  Today’s websites must utilize the most current social media techniques.  This will lure customers to your site and encourage them to buy.
Using these techniques will ensure continued results throughout the year.  Gear all of your blog articles around specific products you need to sell.  Find out what they need and create topics based upon those items needed.

Email marketing strategy:

As we discussed in this blog, we are still having to deal with a pandemic today and need to work hard to make sure our online businesses survive.  Another top method to build and keep the target audience is to develop an email marketing strategy.  Sending out a company newsletter is a great way to improve online business strategy.  The main thing to remember is to offer a benefit to those who receive the newsletter.  Pretty pictures and words will not get what you want.  Offer your audience a reason to use your website and to purchase from you.  Holidays are perfect times to send out company newsletters offering holiday savings on products and services.
Continuing to offer email promotions and savings for visitors will go a long way in promoting your brand and building trust.  There is no better way to engage your audience than to offer savings and promotions throughout the year.  The audience will tend to follow you for more specials.  Add a “sign up for our newsletter” field on your website.  This will build a list of subscribers that can be used as you come up with other offers.

Conclusion:  How business can survive in 2021 during Covid-19:

We are all going through the same challenges as we live through the Covid-19 era.  Learning new ways to cope and to continue to build our businesses will serve us well once this pandemic comes to a close.  Be brave, be safe and have faith that all will be well.
Keep your websites updated and full of great new smart technology.  Ask your web designer for a new and updated site at least every three to five years.  Remember, new technology is changing constantly, and also Google algorithms.  To develop a voice for your brand you must showcase your best results and stay current with new trends.  Stay “real” as you blog and offer new information to your visitors.  Never stop learning.  We recommend Site Pro News to stay current with today’s changing online environments.
Contact our team for your next big project.  Ask for SEO help and we can critique your current site and offer suggestions for improvement.  There is never a cost for us to offer tips for your success.  We enjoy helping.  We look forward to meeting you this year.

Design packages (website savings in 2021)

We have three great design packages with pricing on our home page.  Scroll to the bottom of the home page to review choices.  Choose the one best for you and contact us.  We will develop a formal proposal and schedule the work.  We wish all of you a happy new year and much success this year.  Remember we are in this together.  Together we can move forward to a more successful year ahead.
Best,  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional
Quote for today:   “Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.   by Pablo Picasso,


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