Wow your clients with minimalistic web design in 2021

Feb 10, 2021

The goal for all web developers today is to wow clients with minimalistic web design in 2021.  Minimalistic layouts are very popular and compelling to any target audience.  Many are award-winning designs.  This simple yet beautiful style will surely wow your clients and improve conversion rates (turning viewers into actual buyers).  As the saying goes, “you have that only one chance to make a first impression.” 
The web is chock full of great information and tons of websites.  It is not easy to stand out in a crowd.  If your site is boring, not well-constructed, and does not attract the right buyers,  it will be difficult for you to succeed in today’s crowded online world.  Come up with a goal, create a plan and act on that plan for a successful year ahead.

Find a need and fill it:

As you develop your minimalistic web design you must remember that our main goal is to adapt to the consumer’s changing needs.  “Find a need and fill it “ is not just any saying.  It is the key to success online and for any business today.  If what you offer online is a “need” for the masses you will no doubt succeed.  However, if you choose a “niche” market where there is very little need, you will have more difficulty in promoting your product or service.
Success does not happen overnight and you will need to get familiar with the promotion opportunities and marketing solutions.  You could also consider hiring an outside professional writer (blogger) to promote yourself

Visual design strategy:

Getting the online viewer to notice your product or service depends on the great visual design your brand offers.  The online websites that truly stand out and achieve the “wow factor” for clients are few and far between.  Here are some or all of the following trends for minimalistic design:

  • Impressive asymmetric layouts
  • Minimalist designs that wow consumers
  • Black and pastel color palettes
  • Smart technology with scroll effects
  • Adding animation can be a plus
  • Include a video or two
  • Vector art can add interest

Asymmetric layouts:

Asymmetry designs draw attention to focal points within the layout.  It points the way to the most important and critical design elements first.  Asymmetric layout and design will concentrate on communicating with the viewers and telling a story about the brand quickly and efficiently.  Using contrast, the designer can highlight an element or hide it from view.  Making use of whitespace, and using up-close human faces is a technique you will notice in asymmetric layouts. Each image used will tell a story and make it easier to understand the brand message.

Wowing clients with minimalistic designs:

In 2021 we know that minimalist design aesthetics affects consumer behavior.  A minimalist web design embraces simplicity and gives the viewer a comfortable viewing experience.  Starting with a blank slate is an ideal starting point for a minimal design layout.  Minimalistic design strategy affects everything from the color palette to the elements chosen for the individual pages. Delivering a “wow customer experience” can be a real challenge for any company brand.  The web design must go through constant evolution, adapting to the new norms that smart technology provides over time.

Color palette choices for minimalistic design:

As you make a choice for your website color theme, remember that “color is a silent salesperson.”  The color you choose will trigger certain feelings and has persuasive effects on all of us.  Your website is an extension of your brand so choosing the right color palette is most important.  Learn more about choosing the right color palette from “Color Lovers.”
We use this site to help our clients determine what color palette is best for their specific genre.  The impact of website color schemes goes beyond appearance and aesthetics. Colors produce associations, triggering certain feelings in the audience. The exact meaning of colors may differ from culture to culture, but the persuasive effect they have on people is universal.
As your website is an extension of your brand, using your primary colors across your site will help to consolidate your brand image. This, in turn, leads to more brand recognition. Study successful examples, pick the colors that best capture your brand, and use them to share your message more efficiently.

Other elements to consider for minimal design layout:

Other elements to consider as you move forward with your minimalistic design include scroll effects, animation, adding videos to the site, and using vector art as needed.   When you first meet with a web designer, be sure to ask for some of the above minimalistic web design features for any new re-design to wow your clients.
Your site must feature the latest and greatest bells and whistles if you want to compete online today.  A must is to consider minimalistic web design.  This design trend will provide your viewers with the most modern look and feel.  They will feel comfortable browsing your site and will trust the site to order goods and services.  In 2021 designers will no doubt rush past the boundaries from last year and concentrate on originality and aesthetic extremes.  So, make sure you do “wow your clients” with minimalist web design in 2021.

There are several golden rules for top web design:

  1. The site should be easy to navigate and use
  2. The website must be aesthetically pleasing
  3. Fill the site with current, relevant information

Any viewer that visits your site is interested in learning all about your story.  Make it inspirational.  Keep their interest and be honest and people-friendly.
We wish all of you a sweet Valentine’s Day-ahead.  Let’s all send a sweet something to those we love.

Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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