How to boost website customer loyalty and create residual work

Mar 7, 2021

In 2021 it is important that we focus on how to boost website customer loyalty.  This will in turn bring us needed residual work for the future.  First and foremost it is important to stay in touch with your clients and offer them benefits from time to time.

Sales tips from our team:

It is never a waste of time to offer a small service at no cost.  We never charge a client for small website changes that take less than thirty minutes.  It helps them out and keeps them coming back for more.  They are more likely to request residual work if you offer this initial courtesy.  Let’s face it we all shop online for savings for everything we purchase.  What better way to value our current clients than to offer them savings on any future website projects?  Additionally, throughout the year, holidays are the perfect time to offer design specials to everyone who visits our site.

Work order requests for change:

Making website changes to sites already completed is what we refer to as “residual website work”.  These changes require us to provide our clients with a work order request.   It is also sometimes referred to as a “change order.”  It will include the scope of the project and ask for a signature to begin work.  Proceed only when you have received their ok. Never do the work and spring a price on a client if they are unaware.  This can cause sour feelings to develop and will not work well for website customer loyalty.

Managing work orders:

Work orders are an important part of any design company.  If work orders are not managed professionally it can cause considerable stress between the design team and the customer.  Here is a great guideline for starting a new project:

  • Schedule new work based upon your current workload
  • Offer a competitive price and be able to justify the total cost
  • Have lots of communication with all parties involved
  • Clarify the project scope before starting the work
  • Provide a tentative time for the project completion

Additional work not included on the original work order:

Any additional work falling outside of the scope of the original work request should be discussed separately.  This additional work may require an additional work order to be prepared and may require more cost.  Make sure the client understands that the work to be delivered will be listed within the project proposal.  If your client is not completely clear about the scope of the project take the time to help them understand.  This will keep everyone on the same page and the work will be resolved satisfactorily for both parties.
The work order should also reflect the amount of time needed to complete the project.  A tentative hourly guestimate may be all that is required.  Disagreements over charges are common and can cause needless stress.   Change is continual and of course, competition thrives online.  This prompts every online business to embrace current changes to stay ahead of the curve.

The bottom line for a positive customer experience:

Deliver the project successfully to the customer on time and on budget.  Build a positive working relationship with your client will stop any misunderstandings and go a long way to boost your website customer loyalty.   Any negative working experience between the design team and the client will certainly impact any residual work. A fractured working relationship will drive the customer away.

Price comparison and online savings:

Online consumers and even your most current clients are always out there comparing costs.  Sending periodic newsletters is a great way to announce a special savings program.  For your current clients, consider a VIP loyalty program offering exclusive discounts or sending them a coupon for savings.  Your most loyal customers deserve your best and that includes letting them in on any and all offers to save money.  It is a win-win for any company to offer these consistent saving options.

Staying in touch and boosting customer loyalty:

Your current clients want to know you value them and connect with them on a human level.  Staying in touch is paramount in building website customer loyalty and gaining residual work in the future.  Those clients too busy to update their sites (for example) their plugins, etc., will appreciate your help with this task.  We stay in touch regularly and follow up to make sure their sites are current.  If they need our team to update the site, we do this for them gladly.  We never charge for this service.  It takes only a few minutes and goes a long way in developing trust.  It will pay off as they request residual work and consider new re-designs in the future.


The design wizards at Inside Design Orlando have had a busy spring season so far.  We just launched a new website for the team at Hydro-Air Systems and also for Consolidated Waste Systems located in Central Florida.  Both companies are very excited about their new looks for the spring of 2021.
We are now working on a site for a client in Silicon Valley.  This new site will feature patents from the client’s portfolio along with the new smart technology available to show off his many accolades.  Other projects are on schedule to be launched in early April.  Browse our website portfolio to see more examples of our great work.
We thank you for stopping by today and hope you will hurry back for more news from our design team.  Contact us to discuss options for website design options and ask for a free website SEO critique.  Inquire about our holiday specials and a list of independent professional content writers we recommend.


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