Starting a web design business in 2021

Apr 6, 2021

This year with the pandemic affecting most businesses, we are receiving many questions regarding starting a new web design business in 2021.  It is a business that can be managed from a home base and can be very lucrative if managed correctly.  As the process begins every new entrepreneur must identify their target audience.  These are the folks who will buy the services or products offered by your new web design company.
Spend the time to research the marketplace and find out who might need your services.  This time is never wasted.  The more you know about those who need your help will give you valuable insight into what is needed to proceed ahead.
Questions about starting a web design business in 2021 come to us from colleges around the country.  Most of these students have finished various college courses such as introduction to HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheeting) programming and more.  Unfortunately, College courses on website design may teach only an introduction to the field of study.  More is needed to master the entire subject of tools and knowledge needed as you learn how to start a web design business in 2021.
Your best knowledge is gained through practical experience and continuous learning by doing.  The internet is also full of great tutorials which new developers can use as they build their first sites.  Knowledge gained from a school on web design may start the process. But knowledge retained by reading and continuing their design and programming education will keep the entrepreneur competitive in the field of web design.
Begin the work on your own first website.  We suggest you consider creating a WordPress site in the beginning since there is a huge amount of help online to guide you through the process.  Your first website can be simply a “calling card site” to start the business rolling.  The more you work on your own site and continue your studies in design and programming, the faster you will become proficient enough to take on projects from others.

Advanced design projects:

If you receive a request to develop a site and the design requirements are not within your skillset, politely pass this on to another designer.  This will help you develop associates in the field and you will be free to accept projects within your scope of knowledge.  The last thing any new entrepreneur needs is an unhappy client.
Technology is constantly changing.  Newer design methods replace older ones and technology evolves.  Staying current is crucial to becoming successful and remaining successful.   You’ll also need a few tools for your new design business (listed below).

Tools to start a web design business?

  • Ability to locate and learn from online resources
  • Study books on various subjects related to the web design industry
  • Image editing software (Photoshop and/or Fireworks)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) methods and/or HTML knowledge is helpful
  • WordPress understanding (a huge proportion of clients ask for this platform)
  • Some background in e-commerce is a huge plus

How to get practical experience in the field:

As you start your new web design business this year you must do a few “free” projects in the beginning.  Ask a couple of family members or friends with businesses to allow you to develop their first website.  This will give you the practical experience you need.  This is an easy way to build a portfolio of your finished work.  Consumers want to see what you are capable of.  As you develop websites they too will change in complexity and functionality.  As your skill level improves over time, you will become more proficient and able to take on larger projects.

Changes in smart technology, SEO, and Google algorithms?

Every great entrepreneur stays current with the new Google algorithms and any software updates.  As developers, we start the SEO (search engine optimization) process by completing the meta tags on all website pages in the source code.  Once the site is launched the client will go further and find an SEO method that works best for them.   We suggest they hire a professional content writer to keep the blog section up to date.  There are other methods available but some can become quite costly.  Individual bloggers are quite cost-effective to keep organic content on the new website.  Google also offers advertising and SEO solutions.

Avoid scammers online:

SEO scammers are out there causing all of us headaches.  If you did not solicit SEO help, avoid their emails and phone calls.  SEO can be a slippery slope and if you hire the wrong folks to work on your site you can be compromised.  Learn all you can about this yourself.  We suggest visiting a website called Site Pro News often to learn about the new SEO methods and techniques to keep you safe from online scammers.  These folks are also referred to as black hat individuals, another name for these bottom feeders.

Who will need your services?

Our post today on how to start a web design business in 2021 offers a few great links to get you started in the right direction.  In our world today every business must have a functional website.  New entrepreneurs must learn all facets of design and functionality to keep clients happy and this includes learning to develop e-commerce sites.  More and more people are shopping online.  They will either ask for a business site or an e-commerce site.  You’ll need to be ready for all requests.
Clients will hear about new elements and ask you to implement the latest and greatest software as you take on their website project.  If you are not able to offer these new features, any potential client will go elsewhere for services.  As new elements and new software is being introduced into the marketplace it will directly impact your web design career.

What we offer at Inside Design Orlando:

Our team has developed three major design packages for our clients which suit almost any budget.  We pay great attention to detail and make sure that every project we accept is done on time and on budget.  We deliver a customized website for each client (no two sites are similar).  It is important for all websites to be created as a unique project.
We provide our e-commerce clients with a great “shopping cart” site.  They are able to manage their inventory daily (after some training).  We look forward to seeing many of you this year as we work with you to create your great new web design for 2021.  Contact us for your next great design project.
Starting a new web design business in 2021 can be a win-win for any of you who are willing to take the time to learn the tricks of the trade. You can learn to develop your own site with some time spent learning the methods needed.  In the meantime, we are here to help in any way we can.  As a new entrepreneur, you should test the marketplace for design costs and become as competitive as possible.  There is enough work for all.  All of us are unique and different in our design skills.  A competitor to us is simply a friend we have yet to meet.  We wish all of you success this year.
Stay tuned for more from the design wizards at Inside Design Orlando
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Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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