New web design trends during Covid-19

Jul 11, 2021

In the past eighteen (18) months we saw new web design trends being introduced into the online marketplace.  This was influenced by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Our blog article today will be a discussion-based upon a few of these new web design trends.
The working environment was quickly changed and more of us were working from home. This new normal allowed some of us to have the time to develop new skills.  Suddenly, our new real-life experiences during the Pandemic helped us to implement innovative design changes

Digital interaction:

It is no surprise that we all interact online today.  We connect with others through our websites, email, messaging, social media, and more,   Our communication with others is not limited to words. Non-verbal messaging is a familiar form of today’s communication.
Playful emojis and illustrated gestures are simple forms of popular communication.  These new web design features are now seen on many modern websites.  Using this strategy we can communicate with target audiences from around the world.  Your brand voice can now be heard clearly in a non-verbal way.

Visual communication:

Websites are quickly becoming the top choice for finding information on the web.  Those of us searching the web will first be drawn to visual appeal.  Knowing this, as web developers, we are exploring all avenues of visual communication.  The aesthetic appearance of websites (visual appeal) plays an important role in boosting levels of engagement with the user.
Adding a video to your website home page is one of the top web design trends for 2021.  Check out this website which takes advantage of a video presentation to get the message across loud and clear.
Design elements such as 3D elements, unusual typography, unique color schemes, and video, help to build a better user experience online.  So our goal moving forward is to build on the new web design trends and to deliver great websites with amazing visual appeal.  Doing this will ensure that we will remain competitive in our industry.  Screen size and resolution have improved:
The times they are changing!  Today, screen sizes are larger and the resolution is clearer.   When designing a new website, choosing an elaborate font to decorate the layout can make all the difference between good and “amazing”.  We are now free to use these new web design trends to improve an individual brand.
In the past, the designer was most likely to stick with those fonts easier to read such as Georgia or Times.  However, today with the higher resolution, heavier letters look clearer and there is more space between the words.  The designer is now free to choose fonts that were not considered in the past.  Using unique typographic elements enhances the appeal of the design concept.  Graphic designers can create custom fonts or pair several fonts to boost user experience.

Typography choices to impact visual communication:

  • Adding playful typography and animation
  • Unique and creative product photos
  • Using elegant serif fonts
  • Developing black and white illustrations
  • Designing with black lines and negative colors
  • Using serif fonts rather than san-serif choices

How light colors affect web design today:

The new web design trends today are leaning toward lighter-colored backgrounds.  They are preferred more than the darker colors since they offer a calming experience.  As web designers, we must always make sure that each website sends the right message based on our client’s expertise.  In the very beginning, as we prepare to work on any new project, we choose a color palette for the brand.
Choosing the right colors for the website is not just based upon the client’s favorite colors.  We consider the logo and industry we are working for.  This color palette may be found within the logo or we may go further and create a custom color palette.  The lighter background color will make the website appear sharper and is easier on the eyes.  We also know through experience, that lighter-colored backgrounds embrace the warmth and encourage users to stay on the website longer.

The dark mode design trend:

Today the dark mode is embedded in most computers and mobile devices.  More and more of us are now embracing this new trend.  The dark mode (used sparingly) helps the design to pop and look high-end.  Website text shows a higher contrast and colors in photography appear more vivid.  This is definitely the web design choice for many professional photographers needing to highlight their masterpieces.
When we use a darker theme it might require us to reoptimize logos and any vector artwork received.  As mentioned above, using intro videos or slideshows look great on both normal and dark mode desktops and devices. But keep in mind if the brand you are working with is more serious, they may prefer to go with a lighter design layout.

Health alert:

With the Covid-19 Pandemic still around, more of our time is spent staring at the computer screen causing eye strain.  Dealing with this new problem will no doubt be considered as we develop new web design trends for the future.  Please contact our designers for a “free” design quote.

Conclusion:  New web design trends during Covid-19

No one really knows how long the Pandemic will be around.  We do know there will always be someone coming up with a new web design trend.  The new design trends are not only aesthetically pleasing.  They also offer the users a much better online experience.  The new modern sites of today avoid the flashy features of yesterday.  They favor minimalistic layouts, full of functionality and visual appeal.  New design methods make it easy for visitors to find information quickly and efficiently.  Our responsibility for the future is to stay current and work hard to improve our design skills.  This is the best way to provide quality designs to our clients in the year ahead.

Inside Design Orlando (news):

We wish to congratulate the newest member of our design family, LevelSet Mobile Homes.  Tyler and his team of talented mobile home moving professionals are happy to have their new design online and available for visitors and clients.
Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more next time from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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