Why choose WordPress as your website platform in 2021

Aug 11, 2021

You already know that we are a fan of WordPress and hope you will choose WordPress as your website platform.  The WordPress community powers more than 30 percent of all websites online today.  As a CMS (Content Managed Software) you can count on your having access to any new updates quickly.  This means your WordPress site will continue to be secure and function properly.  The new plugins for your WordPress site are endless and this allows your site to grow throughout the year and work well for your visitors and clients.
WordPress clients have found it was the easiest CMS platform to use and is highly recommended for new entrepreneurs.  WordPress clients quickly discover that they have great community support online.  The WordPress site is easy to manage and edit.  As you become more proficient in managing your website you’ll find online tutorials for more advanced WordPress skills.

Customizing your WordPress website:

Customizing the WordPress site will become easy as you learn more sophisticated methods.  If your time does not allow for the additional development, our staff is always here to lend a hand.  Contact our team for advanced WordPress design methods you’re considering.  Once the website owner learns to manage the control panel from the site’s backend area,  the WordPress interface is quite easy to master.  Customizing the website helps your business develop and stand out in the crowd of competitors.  Your WordPress site will look much better than those sites using prebuilt themes and older designs.

Advanced WordPress designs:

If the site owner feels the WordPress customization they want is too difficult to manage, then a professional web designer should be considered.  An advanced WordPress professional may be able to add the customization preferred.  Often it requires custom programming.  Orlando Website Design has several advanced WordPress designers on staff.  We’re here to assist you with the more complicated design changes.  We are also available to set up your new WordPress website and turn it over to you to control once we have customized it to be that one-of-a-kind site you imagine.
Your brand deserves a unique and custom look and feel.  Count on our team to work with you to bring that WordPress vision to life.  We are advertising three great design packages with features to suit all tastes.  Along with the advanced WordPress designs, we will also educate you on the latest SEO (search engine optimization) trends needed to improve your site visibility.  With WordPress, the sky is the limit.  Take control and own your WordPress site.  We’re here to help with any issues that could arise.

Keeping the WordPress site updated:

Note: The WordPress platform is often targeted by hackers since it is the most popular software.  This means should you choose WordPress as your website platform you must keep the site plugins and security patches updated as new ones are available. It must be done to keep the site running properly and to keep hackers at bay.  Our team can do that for you or show you how to do this on your own.  It takes only a few minutes per month to stay current and stay updated.

WordPress versus other CMS platforms:

Should you choose WordPress as your website platform you will be choosing an “open-source platform.”  This simply means once the site is completed, you will own your site.  When you build your WordPress site, no matter what customization you prefer, the site belongs to you.  When you build a custom site using another CMS or use a pre-made theme, you do not own the site.  These sites are known as proprietary.  You are completely stuck with whatever hosting the CMS system you chose is suggesting.
As mentioned earlier, if you choose WordPress for your website platform in 2021, you will have full control over your “open source” CMS platform.  You’ll be able to add new plugins as you wish and keep the site updated with current design trends easily.  Using another platform will require you to use their support staff for upgrades and changes.  You would be completely under their thumb and will have no control over the time it takes to complete any change.  If you have constant changes, this could become very expensive.
It is a plus to be able to choose your own server space such as a Cloud Host, a (VPS) Virtual Private Server, or another choice.  Your WordPress site will be owned and managed independently.  WordPress is preferred over other platforms for a good reason and represents forty (40) percent of all websites on the internet.

Conclusion:  Why choose WordPress as your website platform in 2021?

Become a happy WordPress site owner.  WordPress has advanced to the point that any new first-time novice can feel comfortable and use it without worry.  Once you purchase a domain name and learn to switch the name servers to your hosting account you are on your way to a great new future ahead with WordPress.  WordPress will become easier and easier for entrepreneurs and others looking for the perfect website platform.

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Congratulations to DAO Consultants and VP Recruiters, two new “mobile-first” WordPress designs for 2021.  Welcome to our family of happy website owners.  Stay tuned as we provide more insights into everything web design.
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