How algorithms and SEO affect online website success in 2021

Oct 1, 2021

algorithms and SEO
Today our blog article is all about different types of algorithms and how they affect online SEO website success.  We will first discuss Google algorithms and how they change constantly.  Google has announced an algorithm recently that is based primarily upon page experience.  This refers to how often website updates are implemented.  This boosts the website’s usability and helps the overall “user experience.”  User experience is fast becoming a top player within the world of SEO.

Changing algorithms and SEO affect all online websites:

Understanding algorithms and how search engines use them is crucial for our design company and the clients we represent.   Since June of 2021, Google has started judging websites based upon their own set of metrics (another algorithm change).  These metrics are called Core Web Vitals.  Learn more.  Our content writers are quickly bringing their skills up to speed by using the SEO tools available.  This allows them to be more productive and build the website brand based upon the latest algorithm changes and new SEO requirements.
One thing is for sure, to experience any online success, we must adhere to the constant algorithm changes. and stay familiar with SEO criteria.

algorithms and seoSEO software plays a leading role:

We are aware that search engine optimization is necessary for any company website to succeed.  In fact, in our last post, we discussed the advantages of an SEO software called “RankMath.”  When this software is used effectively, great strides are realized and any website can be optimized to the fullest.  Once you have mastered the right SEO tools, and stay current with the latest Google algorithm updates, you are on your way to a higher rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
In a world of digitalization, apps, and smart devices, it’s important to create a way to simplify programming.  For programmers into web development and web design, an algorithm can be a useful procedure that makes the entire process simpler and easier.  From self-taught programmers to those who learned from academia, algorithms help streamline the coding process. It offers a line of thought and logic that gives you a better chance of programming useful systems instead of a bunch of random code.
Then again, what is an algorithm? Why is algorithm important in programming? Will it be useful for you? Here’s everything you need to know about this wonderful set of rules and why you need to integrate them into your process.

algorithms definitionWhat Are Algorithms?

Before we learn its importance, we need to know what we’re discussing. So, what are algorithms?  A programming algorithm is a set of procedures or logic that programmers use to solve problems. In any situation, no matter what you do, you can only find so many solutions to solve a problem.  Whether you’re building a website or creating an app, you need to solve several problems and come up with a formula to do so.  An algorithm gives you the right steps needed to reach your goal. In computers, every program runs according to the procedures you set in the code. Every input within the code is followed to the letter and every line is executed unless otherwise stated.

Your computer will interpret procedures:

With every successful procedure, you get results called outputs, which is the answer you derive from the procedures you added. Depending on what problem you’re solving, you want the computer to interpret your procedures properly. Algorithms ensure that your computer will arrive at the same answer for the same procedure every time. For example, an algorithm to add two numbers should always take two number inputs, check for the existence of the plus (+) or sum operator within the procedure and display the result.
Regardless of how you put your input, a procedure that performs an addition logic should follow the same logic every time. This allows for consistent output, as long as the computer receives a procedure in a language it understands.  Depending on the programming language you use, your procedure should indicate a start and end to carry out the task.

Characteristics of Effective Algorithm and SEO methods:

Every algorithm needs its own set of characteristics that make them useful. Unless your algorithm caters to these characteristics, you can expect issues to come up at some point. A good algorithm should have:

  • Steps that are precise and logical
  • Uniquely defined steps that only rely on input, whether directly or from results of previous steps
  • A finite number of executions after a set amount of instructions
  • Input received and output produced


Algorithms should also be generalized, applying only to a set of inputs – no more and no less.
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Guest Writer for this post:  Kat Sarmiento
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