How to choose the right website background in 2021

Oct 18, 2021

Hello Fall!  And yes, just as our seasons change, our websites should change their scenes once in a while to stay current with today’s design standards,  There will always be parts of web development that never go out of date.  Having a user-friendly, fast-loading site is always a good idea.  Additionally, the site must be optimized for SEO and function well.  Above and beyond these, how to choose the right website background is our topic today.  The right background could elevate any company brand to the forefront of design.  This choice will also help the website to appear modern and unique from others.

Choosing a background color:

The right background colorWhether the site background image should be a single color,  a combination of colors, or simply a black and white palette should be made carefully.  Thought should be considered based upon the type of business and what colors enhance the brand.  Geometric shapes, gradients, and different background patterns are also available as design choices.  Some brands are choosing to use video presentations such as one of our clients, Orlando Metro Gym, and Bullhorn Media. Other brands have chosen vectors, team photos, and other graphics.  The sky is really the limit.  But one thing is for sure.  The choice we make as we start the design can make your brand shine in the year ahead.

Exploring  liquid textures for background design:

Using liquid backgrounds made up of a liquid image, or that of a flowing animation can be visually appealing.  A liquid background is made up of a high-resolution image in different color schemes  This method can create a calming effect with the natural flow on the screen.  Liquid layouts help designers create a design that will complement multiple page sizes, orientations, and all types of mobile devices.  Using a liquid layout for the website background allows the layout to move in and out as you resize your browser window.

Using background images with overlay for design:

website background Many small businesses including restaurants and other business establishments choose to use a background image, enhanced by an overlay technique.  This effect never goes out of style.  The image can be optimized and altered using different overlay effects.  This will bring unique contrast to the look and feel of the site.  However, we do want to caution designers never to hide the background image, using too much color in the design overlay.  Less is best with this overlay method. When a background image and overlay is done correctly, it could be the exact right website background to enhance brand awareness.

Watercolor images and text used in the design:

A new method on the design scene is the method for using watercolor images for backgrounds.  This technique adds the look of hand-painted texture to the background.  This is less harsh, adding a bit of whimsy to background creations.  Another technique to gain some popularity is to use text in the background image.  Yes, text can actually become a background.  There are plenty of great typefaces to choose from.  One that springs to mind is called “Boxer Typeface.”  This typeface is comprised of thick lines of text and is perfect for the project  This method may not be the easiest method but can be pulled off so the user can maintain ease of readability.
website background effectsOther methods which can be considered for the creation of website backgrounds include:

  • Subtle textures
  • Geometric backgrounds
  • Scene illustrations
  • Hover animations
  • Geometric shapes
  • Flat color palettes
  • Gradients
  • Videos
  • Abstract art
  • Woodgrain backgrounds

Website background is the first impression:

As we all know, technology is changing like the wind.  This includes design methods as well.  Today, design elements and features for websites that were great last year or a few years ago are no longer considered current trends.  Many of our clients find us looking to have their tired and older websites brought up to today’s standards in design and functionality.   The first look is always the home page of the website and your website background says who you are!  That crucial first impression will determine your success or failure as an online entrepreneur.
Website conversion rate is affected when a website is out of date.  We all want to buy goods and services from the best there is out there.  An outdated and older website speaks volumes to those visiting that you are not keeping up with critical web standards.

How website background color affects the mind:

Experience teaches us that color choices definitely influence people’s behavior.  Each time they see a color, it produces a chain reaction within the hypothalamus of the brain.  Hormones are then released into the thyroid which triggers emotions.  This compels the consumer to take action.  Our designers know this and work closely with our clients to make the right color choices for the website background.
Knowing all of this then makes it crucial that the designer chooses website background color carefully.  The color choice must represent a business brand in a clear and concise manner.  The right color has the power to improve website conversion rate, build trust with the consumer and hold their interest long enough to make a purchase.  This is also going to create a relationship that will last.  They will be more inclined to buy again and refer your services and products to others in their circle.
Thanks for stopping by today and discovering the importance of website background design and how color and other elements play an important role in our future online success.  Our design wizards are always available to suggest changes to your website which will bring your site up to date.  Contact our designers to talk about options for updating your current site.  We offer cost-effective design packages for all budgets.  Visit our portfolio page to see our work and how you can achieve “real results” online.  Hurry back for more next time as we discuss all things web design, and SEO.

Inside Design Orlando (news):

Congrats to Public Speaking To Go and the staff on their new website for 2021.  The new smart technology and modern look will serve them well into the future.  We wish all of you a fun and happy Halloween Holiday.
Happy Halloween
Ramona J. Holland-Rose
Blogger for Orlando Website Design


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