Modern Web design trends for 2022

Feb 14, 2022

Web design trendsToday’s post will be all about web design trends that are popular for 2022.  Most of the websites we create are approximately five pages in length.  However, on occasion, we will have a request for a one-page website.  This is a site that features a single page only.  A one-page site has all of the content listed on a single page and the experience is fluid for the visitor to the site.
Because there are disadvantages for business sites to choose a one-page site, most company sites are at least five pages in length.  Building a larger website with more pages allows the SEO technician to integrate good SEO techniques.  The larger site is also more popular with the search engine bots which scan the site for information.

Mobile-First design builds:

Web design trendsBuilding mobile-first is a top web design trend for 2022.  The mobile-first design strategy is to build three views for all new designs  We first develop the mobile view for smartphone devices since most of us use our phones for search and for online shopping. Next, we move on to build the tablet view and the computer view. (desktop view)
Only necessary content is used for the mobile view, making the mobile view more user-friendly.  The other two views allow for more content.  There is no wasted or bloated content on the mobile view.  Less is always best.  Bulleted items added to the mobile-first design is a popular design trick.  The user quickly sees all services available and less time is needed to search the web.

How minimalism plays a role in design for 2022:

Streamlining the website information by simplifying the interface is what minimalism is all about.  The website loads faster and the visitor will pay attention to products and services available quickly.   Communication is improved and conversion rates skyrocket to new highs.  Minimalism leads to good aesthetics, and a modern futuristic look and appeal.  Minimalist design uses fewer graphics and less bloated content.  These sites also use less illustrations and stick to just the facts needed to convert users to buyers.

Interactive fonts and larger typography:

Today’s modern web design trends include interactive fonts as well as larger typography.  To make a larger impact with font selection this year you’ll notice larger fonts and more distinct typography.  It is all about eye-catching features that hold the viewer’s interest.  Typography definitely builds brand recognition.  Users will pick up on the interface featured on the website and connect that with your unique brand.  Great typography helps you to build a strong target audience and will boost your brand forward for the future.  The typography you choose for your website should hold the reader’s attention and make your site memorable among the many others in the marketplace.

Introducing Parallax animation:

When we use a “parallax effect” in web design for 2022, we create an illusion of depth as the elements appear to move at different speeds.  The special effect makes the user scroll to see all the actions.  This brings about an amazing user experience and the user is in full control.  The parallax feature works on any page of the website and is activated immediately as the user begins scrolling.  As the user scrolls down the page, the background moves at a different speed than the page content.  Normally, the parallax feature is used as a background image which stays put as the other content moves.  This parallax visual effect has the tendency to keep the viewer’s interest longer, offering us a better chance to convert the visitor to a buyer.

The art deco web design feature:

web design trendsArt Deco web design trends are sure to be a big hit in 2022   The Art Deco style features modern color palettes, new typefaces, and graphics that are fresh and attractive to online visitors.  Oversized type on the landing pages and interactive fonts serve the purpose to boost functionality and user experience.  The art Deco style includes artistic movements which were influenced heavily by socio-political conditions.  This design style marked the end of the First World War and offered optimism and new birth for the future.
Today this style has survived and gives the viewer an elegant look into the past (learn more about Art Deco design.

Orlando Website Design News:

Congratulations to our clients on their beautiful new re-designs for 2022.  Reliable Peat, Florida Endocrine, and Altiora MedSpa were launched within the past two weeks.  Each site has a new look for 2022 featuring new design techniques.  We are also welcoming a new client, Rodney Marks with Orlando Bass Fishing Company.  His new site should be ready for the big reveal in early March.

New WordPress security service available:

We want to remind our visitors that Orlando Website Design is now offering a great new monthly WordPress security service (Not SEO) for WordPress Website owners.  Read all about the advantages to sign up for this new service below.
Web design trends for WordPressThe Google algorithm and Browsers are constantly changing. Our recent trip to Google headquarters in California in June has made us all keenly aware of the need to offer our clients a monthly WordPress maintenance plan.  Additionally, as more websites have come online, the competition has skyrocketed confirming the need to keep your site current and optimized. Occasional updates performed in the past are no longer adequate to keep WordPress sites healthy and competitive.  Our Monthly Maintenance Service Includes the Following:

  • Update Security Patches to WordPress core monthly
  • Update plugins to current revision status as required
  • Continuous Security Monitoring (Brute force attacks, unauthorized login attempts locked out)
  • Monthly Malware Scan (to catch any viruses)
  • Backup of your website and database (including blog articles)
  • Store backups offsite to prevent loss of data if your server is hacked or goes down
  • Website Performance Check to improve rank
  • Constant maintenance will boost traffic & conversion rate

Please respond if you wish to be added to our monthly service list, contact us at 407-405-4877.  I will add your website to our monthly service and send an invoice for you to pay online through Stripe!
Payment Option 1: Recurring Monthly Payment: $29.95
Payment Option 2: Recurring Yearly Payment: $299.00
Thanks for stopping by to learn more about modern web design trends.  Contact us for your next great design project.
Hurry back for more next time from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando (an Orlando Website Design Company).
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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