Why WordPress Websites are a top choice for online businesses in 2022

Mar 14, 2022

WordPress WebsitesTime and time again we see that WordPress websites are a top choice for online business.  The WordPress platform is the most popular CMS (Content Managed System) today.  WordPress designs account for more than 1/3 of the websites around the globe.  WordPress sites are free to download and user-friendly.  The other two most popular website platforms are Drupal and Joomla.  These two platforms have a larger learning curve and are not perfect for most entrepreneurs because of this fact.

The flexibility of WordPress:

WordPress themes are very flexible.  Whether you are a professional designer or a new entrepreneur looking for a simple blog site, WordPress is a perfect choice.  No prior knowledge is needed for programming or coding.  WordPress websites can be ready in a short period of time and this is a huge advantage for newcomers.
All that is needed to get started is to choose a proper domain name and sign up for a hosting account.  Success can be just around the corner with a little marketing skill and promotion of the new website.  For more advanced WordPress designs, it is best to hire a professional.  Our WordPress design team has affordable prices for all of those clients wanting more WordPress sophistication.

How secure is WordPress?

WordPress WebsitesWordPress was developed with security in mind. The WordPress platform allows designers to add not only relevant content but also images, audio, and video files.  WordPress is monitored consistently by other developers to make sure the platform stays free of malware.  This action prevents most WordPress websites from becoming blacklisted by Google.  Should a WordPress website get blacklisted by Google, there are steps to take to remove the site from the list of blacklisted sites.
The WordPress VIP Platform now provides the highest level of security.  This is why WordPress is chosen by industries such as pharmaceuticals, banking, public utilities, and the government.  WordPress has several levels of security controls including the following:

  •  edge protection
  •  secure networking
  •  access controls
  •  continuous monitoring
  •  code scanning

Is WordPress user-friendly?

The WordPress Platform is an open-source CMS.  As a content-managed system, WordPress allows the user to write and publish all types of content with little or no training in coding or programming.  SEO plugins can be used to optimize the website. This is a huge advantage for new entrepreneurs and those just starting out.  SEO strategies can be implemented easily on the WordPress platform which boosts user-friendliness.

WordPress WebsitesGetting a domain name and hosting:

Building WordPress websites require a domain name to be chosen as well as signing up for a hosting service.  We recommend Blue Host for both.  You should search for a domain name with words that describe your product or service.  As an example, our domain name is OrlandoWebSiteDesign.com.  This tells the viewer exactly what we do.
We also recommend that you consider dot.com for the domain since these choices are becoming slim.  Once you have secured a domain name the next step is to sign up for a hosting plan.
The next step is to develop content and customize the page content to attract your target audience.  These are those searching for your specific service.  Above and beyond these steps you should update your website on a continuous basis.  Orlando Website Design is now offering our security maintenance plan which is perfect for all WordPress websites.  Contact us to discuss how to sign up for our monthly plan to keep your website in tip-top shape.

Never underestimate the power of blogging:

Implementing these SEO strategies on WordPress sites will improve the site’s Google rankings and drive more traffic to the site.  However, no one should take for granted the power of adding consistent blog content to the WordPress site.  Blogging consistently and regularly will drive the right traffic to any website and this is especially true for WordPress sites.  New articles of interest will enhance SEO and thus increase the ROI (Return On Investment).

Orlando Website Design News & Views:

Congratulation to new Associate Broker Brandi Weeden and staff at Orlando Homes to Go.  Their new real estate site is getting rave reviews and features an MLS and IDX tool for those searching for homes in the Central Florida area.   We wish the team good luck with the new site.
Have a great month ahead and hurry back for everything design and programming from Orlando Website Design and our Design Wizards.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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