User Intent is crucial for SEO results in the SERPs

Apr 26, 2022

User IntentGoogle has changed its focus from keyword usage to user intent.  Because of this, today we will discuss how User Intent is crucial for SEO results.  It defines the reason a user is searching the internet.  Search engines must determine the best results which will satisfy the user intent.  A consumer may be searching for products and services to purchase online.  They may also be searching for the closest place to acquire an item or service needed.  The search could also include a need to learn biological facts regarding the topic desired.  Knowing this, website owners should align target keywords within phrases to satisfy the search criteria.

Three types of User Intent:

  • Navigational:  The user is searching for a particular website
  • Informational:  The user is looking for specific information
  •  Transactional:  The user is buying online or performing another activity

Navigational Queries:

A navigational query is a user intent that aids the user to find a specific website or a webpage without typing the complete URL.   This query allows people to get to where they need to go quickly.  It also greatly enhances SEO from the user’s point of view.  To boost navigational queries, fill your website with lots of viable content and add valuable links which will show up in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  All of this will improve navigational queries.  Add social media links as well to increase your standing with Google.

Transactional Queries:

User IntentA transactional search query is one that indicates someone is searching the web to complete a transaction as in making a purchase to buy a product or sign up for a service. Knowing that folks are trying to buy your product should encourage you to add a “purchase” page on the website.  Treat each page as a separate landing page using strong titles, calls to action elements, and images of products or services available.  Build several landing pages since you have no idea how the user will find your site or which page they will land on. It is always best to cover any possible scenario.
Come up with unique offers and special savings to offer on the purchase pages of the website.  Developing the correct User intent using this method will drive the right target audience to your site and increase your ROI (Return On Investment).

Providing a greater user experience:

User IntentWhen website visitors are able to locate quickly and efficiently what they need, they will be more likely to return for future purchases.  Providing your website visitors with this better user experience as they search the web will make this happen and it will also boost user intent.  When developing the site layout it is best to keep it simple and responsive in nature.  Avoid adding any unnecessary components or elements in the design.  Go for a clean layout with plenty of white space and content informative and easy to read.  Stick to no more than two fonts and maybe use a third font for the logo design.  All graphics must have a deliberate purpose and should be clickable for user-friendliness.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

In the past, some website owners and black hat SEO techs would resort to keyword stuffing when optimizing their web pages.  This was done to increase the number of keywords listed in the page content, hoping to get a better ranking.  Google and top search engines recognized this practice as a manipulation tactic to game the system.  It is now become obsolete and frowned upon by all major search engines.  Avoid this practice at all costs.  Instead develop good, relevant content consistently for the best SEO results in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Learning about passage indexing:

Passage indexing is all about the method for ranking individual passages within page content.  Google uses these specific passages to answer search inquiries more efficiently.  This is yet another method for improving user intent and boosting search engine ranking.
Using this new method of passage indexing, the user can find the answer to a specific question from an article quickly without having to read through the entire piece.  Search queries can be focused solely on the answer to the question.  The passage does not have to refer to the main topic of the article, but only to the direct search query.

Applying User Intent to digital strategy:

User IntentIt is first important to learn what brings a search inquiry to your website.  Google  Webmaster Tools offers a report to determine this criterion.  Next look for the way the User intent is used and categorize the types of inquiries listed.  Focus first on informational searches and then move on to transactional searches.  Optimization techniques that enhance website conversion rates are the best techniques to use.  It is all about meeting the needs of those searching your website.  Explain in detail how your product and services work and how they can benefit the consumer searching your site.

Orlando Website Design News:

Congratulations to Orlando Interiors By Design and the team.  Their new site is online and available for their clients and visitors.  They have decided to change their host to Blue Host and their site loads quickly and efficiently.  The new bells and whistles on the website are a welcome addition for 2022.  We wish the team good luck as we go into the spring and summer seasons.
Thanks for stopping by today and hurry back for more from the Design Wizards from Inside Design Orlando, an Orlando Website Design Company featuring 600 websites and counting.  Contact us for your next great website project and stay tuned for more next time.  We are also available to discuss programming and SEO issues so don’t hesitate to call.
Happy Spring and Summer ahead!
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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