Guest blogging brings real SEO results

Today we will be discussing how allowing guest blogging brings real SEO results.  This method will increase online business, visibility, credibility, and performance throughout the year.  The goal is always to convert your visitors into real online buyers.  Utilizing the method of guest blogging will change your website rank to one of authority. An authority website sometimes referred to as "brand authority"  is most trusted by Google and top search engines and will always get the best rank in...

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User Intent is crucial for SEO results in the SERPs

Google has changed its focus from keyword usage to user intent.  Because of this, today we will discuss how User Intent is crucial for SEO results.  It defines the reason a user is searching the internet.  Search engines must determine the best results which will satisfy the user intent.  A consumer may be searching for products and services to purchase online.  They may also be searching for the closest place to acquire an item or service needed.  The search could also include a need to learn...

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Top 8 Website Marketing Strategies In 2022

Today we will be discussing the top eight (8) website marketing strategies in 2022.  These methods will boost SEO for 2022.  Whether your online website business is at a start-up or an old and established company website, marketing will always significantly impact. Website marketing strategies used to market an online business will give it a competitive advantage over other internet companies. Marketing should be attractive/eye-catching, educative, convincing, and promising. A good marketing...

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SEO and Small Business Websites in 2022

SEO and small business websites are finding success in 2022.  Developers are being innovative and using better optimization strategies.  This is helping to boost online visibility and promote their goods and services globally.  After the last two years of the Pandemic, the economy is slowly recovering.  Small business owners are learning to appreciate the internet as the main tool for their continued success. Site promotion using "local SEO" A goal of small businesses is to create a profitable...

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Why WordPress Websites are a top choice for online businesses in 2022

Time and time again we see that WordPress websites are a top choice for online business.  The WordPress platform is the most popular CMS (Content Managed System) today.  WordPress designs account for more than 1/3 of the websites around the globe.  WordPress sites are free to download and user-friendly.  The other two most popular website platforms are Drupal and Joomla.  These two platforms have a larger learning curve and are not perfect for most entrepreneurs because of this fact. The...

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Real Estate Websites for IDX in 2022

Today's article will be all about our strategy for Real Estate Websites with IDX integration.  This type of website is one of our specialties.  We work closely with the agent or the broker as we develop the website.  This will ensure that the user experience is human and user-friendly. Offer other real estate resources: Real Estate web design must offer visitors services they are looking for quickly and efficiently.  This means that other resources should be available on the website above and...

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