Impactful minimalist web design is trending

November 24th, 2020|

Impactful, minimalist design for website development is trending this year.  It simply means that less is more as we create beautiful layouts.  We know that clean and simple layouts, avoiding superfluous design elements bring the best results.  The best minimalist designers follow this rule when using shapes, textures, and colors for all design projects.  Keep in mind that all design is subjective and depends upon personal preference.  Working in the field of art and design ourselves, we see that trends [...]

SEO and digital presence for business websites

November 16th, 2020|

Today's business websites must become SEO competitive and develop a great online digital presence. Unfortunately, the Google search algorithm can be very difficult to understand and changes with the wind. All of us must change as necessary and stay current on new trends as they happen. Watch, as best you can watch the Google changes and make your own changes to stay current with SEO into the new year. Those online companies who have the budget have simply hired an [...]

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