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Why keeping your WordPress site up to date matters

February 17th, 2020|

Once your WordPress site is beautifully customized and published,  keeping your WordPress site up to date should also be considered as a monthly activity.  No matter what WordPress theme you use there are always plugins and other information that need attention on a regular basis.  Keeping your site programming up to date will assure you will gain the attention of top search engines as a leader in your field. Cost for monthly updates to WordPress: Monthly update costs could run [...]

Color trends for web design training in 2020:  Combinations for success

February 6th, 2020|

This post will be discussing color trends for web design training in 2020.  As mentioned in a previous post, using color remains the silent salesperson enriching internet experiences.  This is proven to be true over and over as our Orlando Website Design team continues to build unique and beautiful sites. Choosing the right color palette could make or break website success. Color trends for web design play a large role in attracting a target audience of buyers.  Color influences our [...]