Purpose and Target Audience

Events by Jaclyn is a full-service wedding planning company serving Orlando and the entire Central Florida area.  The purpose of this re-design project was to improve the overall look and feel of the site.  The outdated site was hard to navigate and our goal is to boost the SEO conversion rate and offer visitors a better visual experience.

We opted to use only one unique visual rather than changing images to improve load time.  In the past, we were adding changing images which took extra time to load.  There were normally three or four images changing with different messages.  This method is now outdated.  Instead, we choose one “killer” image like the one featured here.

Custom Design Elements & Site Pages

The home page is now very pleasing and features a beautiful bride with a soft neutral background as a header image.  We began to develop the new site using a “mobile-first” design.  This simply means that each and every element and every page is developed to be search engine friendly for mobile users.

In the past, more folks used computers to view sites.  Today, however, they are using their smartphones over 80 percent of the time.  Our responsibility has shifted to a mobile-first design strategy for searching the web.

Navigation is the all-important element which drives those searching the web.  We must keep it simple enough for all to be able to use it.  More complex navigation systems are outdated with the new design methods.  Smartphone users want information immediately.  This requires us to build an easy to use and efficient menu system for all of our new projects.  We also include several call-to-action elements on all landing pages.  This helps to increase the chances for visitor conversion rates.

Website content will always matter.  Today, we understand that mobile users are expecting to read a limited amount of content.  All of us hate having to scroll to read the screen, so please keep all content relevant but to a bare minimum.

Special Functionality

A valuable function for a ‘service’ website like wedding planning is to provide an easy way for visitors to get in touch with the vendor. Events By Jaclyn offers an information request form right up front.

A Bride or Groom seeking information can contact Jaclyn without searching for a contact form or contact page. Additionally, when on any page, a click of the contact menu item reveals a convenient dropdown form that keeps the user on the same page.  This was not available on the previous website and having this as an option up front will no doubt increase the number of visitors inquiries.  It is a user-friendly method which we suggest to other clients.

Social media is important to most Brides and Grooms, links to Jaclyn’s social media sites in the footer of the website allows users to stay in touch.

Color and Branding

Choosing colors for the website was driven mainly by company branding.  The business cards, brochures, etc., were done in soft pink and gray colors.  Pastel colors are all the rage for wedding sites.  These colors blend nicely to create a romantic, soft, cohesive color scheme.  Other hues were added throughout the site using visual pictures of couples enjoying their nuptials.

Current research is telling us that many decisions on what to buy online are made quickly based upon color.  The right color fit should be chosen based upon the brand itself and what it represents to consumers.  The color red represents excitement whereas the color blue is chosen by many business website owners since it evokes competence.  Over time color even influences individual brands such as McDonald’s (yellow and red).  As web designers, we use your brand colors as we develop your website.


Thanks for stopping by to visit our website.  Stay tuned each week as we add new information based upon designing for “mobile-first” clients.  Enjoy the last breezes of summer and please visit Events By Jaclyn for your next big event.  We recommend her services and know she will help you to make your event a complete success here in Orlando.