Purpose and Target Audience

Fence Central Orlando is a fence fabricator and installer servicing the central Florida area. They install both commerical grade and residential fences in wood, aluminum, and PVC. Orlando Fence Central was definitely ready for a new ‘Mobile First’ over haul and a new look for this year.  With the new design they are able to target mobile users more efficiently.

Their old site was over five years old and outdated.  Among the many new features we added to this new site was to add their Google and Facebook reviews to the home page, and to add instagram images.  This will help to attract a larger target audience.

Fence Central

Adding Social Media Reviews & Instagram

As a website owner it is necessary to prove your reliability and credibility.  The most popular method to do this is to add “real people reviews.”  Adding Google and Facebook reviews to the website is a great way to boost your ranking as a legitimate and trustworthy brand. It will help to make your site an authority site and build trust with visitors to the site.  Request that your webmaster add the code to your HTML or CMS  source code.  Your sales will increase once you have shown others that you have a great rating online and that your product or service is worth buying.

Adding instagram to the website landing page;

One of the best ways to increase views to the site is to keep your Instagram full of new and current images.  Most fence companies have before and after images taken daily as they go about their work.  Use these images to let viewers know how professional your work is done.  Set up a “free” Instagram account and start collecting before and after images.  Ask your webmaster to program the landing page to accept new instagram images automatically as they are posted on your Instagram account.  This will enhance landing page search engine optimization.  You will notice that Orlando Fence Central has done this and it is definitely paying off.


Website speed and security:

The outdated website was very slow to load and they were not happy with their current hosting plan.  We suggested they go with Blue Host and choose a hosting plan which would offer greater service and faster loading capability.  Along with switching the hosting company, we also suggested they add an SSL Certificate to make the site completely secure or visitors.  The new site loads quickly and they are now completely secure.  This has made a huge difference in the way the company website works for clients and visitors.  No more complaints.  They have a great new and efficient website which will work for them well into the future.


Having your site re-designed every few years is not just a suggestion.  It is something that must be done if you are expeccting to be competetive in this challenging web environment.  With new smart technology changing every day, it is not smart to stay behind the curve.  Be pro-active and stay “woke” when it comes to new bells and whistles available for your site.  A website is your identity and it should be improved continually to remain relative.

Hurry back for more next time and be sure to contact Inside Design for your next re-design project.  Enjoy the Summer and keep in touch.