Website purpose and target audience:

Orlando budget yellow taxi service contacted our design team to create a calling card website for the company.  They had already been in business for several years in the Central Florida area.  They had tried several website design methods on their own but were not happy with the results to date.  The sites that one of the team members had built were not up to their expectations.  The drag and drop websites chosen were very unprofessional looking and they were wanting more.

In the past several years the Uber ride shares and other companies have really hurt the taxi industry.  They are all doing their best to boost confidence and bring the industry back into the competition.  Having a great website is a helpful tool in this struggle to remain relevant.

A new look using custom design elements:

As we met with the company representative, we found their main complaint was the generic look of their sites to date.  They were frustrated that their websites all looked like many other sites. This has been a familiar complaint.  Most of the website options for DIY sites include very little customization options.  Therefore it is very difficult if not impossible to have sites appear as a one of a kind website.  Additionally, most folks have very little programming knowledge and must stick to using the customization provided within the platform purchased.

Our solution was to design a one of a kind website using “mobile first” design techniques.  This included up to date custom elements created specifically for the company.  This offered the brand a unique look and feel.

Special Functionality

One major element that the customer needed was a user-friendly way for the website visitors to access and present a ‘Savings Coupon’. The solution has two methods, one for a desktop or laptop computer with printing capability, and one solution for mobile phone users that are on the road, at the airport, hotel or other location.

  1. Printer solution: A person on a desktop computer can obtain their coupon by opening the PDF file and printing the coupon. Upon entering the taxi they simply show the coupon to the driver and get their discount price.
  2. Mobile solution: A person using their mobile phone can access their coupon by navigating to the website home page and simply show the coupon to the driver.

Another requirement for the owner was for persons to book a taxi for some time in the future. Using a quick reply/response for the customer can request a taxi for any time and any pickup and delivery. The owner responds to the request and confirms the reservation. The reservation form is available from both all devices, desktop, laptop, and mobile.

Color and Branding

The client came to our team with an idea for a logo and color scheme. The primary colors for his company and also included in his company name were yellow, ‘Orlando Budget Yellow Taxi‘, and black which is a taxi standard color. Using these colors in a classic way makes the website stand out from other cab companies. The owner also provides luxury transportation, targeting the airport, cruise line transport, and business travelers. The introductory image of a limo and private jet presents the right image for this type of transportation client.

The mobile view of white text on black background helps a user see the content easily in any type of lighting. Often using a phone in Orlando’s sunny daylight creates a harsh glare making the standard text on white difficult to read. Using a large white text on black decreases the glare and helps elderly clients read it easily.

Conclusion: Orlando Budget Taxi

We were very happy to provide Orlando budget yellow taxi services a beautiful new custom design.  The new custom design will serve them well into the future.  We suggested they choose Blue Host as their new hosting service.  Blue Host is offering all new signups a “free” SSL Certificate for security.  They took our advice and signed up with Blue Host.  The new site loads very quickly and is mobile-friendly for search engines and for SEO.

The brand has been improved and now competes with today’s savvy websites.  Site promotion for Orlando Budget Yellow Taxi is provided by Google Ad Word Campaigns and social media.  Take a look at their great new website.

Staff writer.