In this post we are continuing our discussion on design elements to improve website conversion rate. Color combinations chosen normally follow the company logo colors. It is important to use a dominant color from the color scheme throughout the site to appear coherent and professional.  Using this dominant color will  establish mood and enhance the site’s personality.  The other colors within the color scheme will be used sparingly and will point out interesting content which should be read by end users.
Many color schemes have symbolic meanings such as red, white and blue for a patriotic website theme. Color is a powerful form of branding and many companies use color effectively to introduce their company message. The most popular color schemes are found in nature. The two colors used most often are blue and green. These two colors work well on most websites and are both harmonious and universal.

Choosing a typeface (type of font) for your web project:

typeface and web designChoosing the right typeface can increase the site’s communication visually, just as a color would do. The visual characteristics of a unique typeface will help to convey your message. Some are easier to read than others.  Thick stocky typeface appears strong and rugged, while thinner curvy typeface (letterforms) create a more delicate visual presence.  For example, the typeface you might choose for a baby announcement may be very different from a typeface chosen for a hockey club.
Here is a list that describes unique elements of typeface:

  • The height of capital and lower case letters
  • Contrast between thin and thick sections of a letter
  • The thickness of the style between bold and thin
  • Spacing between letters is different for each typeface
  • The difference in the edges from smooth to rough
  • Decorative elements such as serif and hooks
  • Style of the font such as italic, monotype, etc.

Conclusion for our discussion on color and typeface:

Website conversionThe overall look and feel of your site is determined largely by the colors and typeface you choose for the project.  Other elements also play a role, such as graphics, shapes and patterns. These elements can either compliment or distract from your company message. Our designers are trained to choose color and typeface to blend seamlessly with your branding effort. Hiring a professional for this task will bring significant improvement for design projects and for re-design projects for the future.
We offer a free critique to help clients understand design options available.  We will compare your site to other sites being published in today’s challenging web environment.  Stay ahead of your competition by keeping your website updated.  A fresh new look can breathe life into your older website and bring more revenue your way.
Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more.  We enjoy talking about everything design.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer
Inside Design Orlando